Nintendo Switch US Sales Charted – Fastest Selling Home Console

The Nintendo Switch has had a fantastic first ten months on the market, selling approximately 10 million units in nine of those months. It has once again achieved another landmark, this time in regards to the US Sales for home consoles. As of the current figures, the Nintendo Switch has sold 4.8 million units in America, which puts it above all other home console systems – including the PlayStation 4 and the Wii. So what exactly is the significance of this?

It proves to a large extent that this system has been a huge success, both on a commercial and quality basis. The appeal and overall attraction of their first party titles, such as Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey, added to the brilliantly clear and simple advertisements make for a perfect match. A significant factor could also be mentioned about the portable nature that this system is providing, offering a totally different and new experience to otherwise old titles. If you consider the failures of the Wii U, most notably Nintendo’s droughts in games and lack of strong marketing, you begin to see that the Nintendo Switch is heavily changed and improved on those fronts. Each month has been packed with content, whether that first party games, affordable indie titles or ported third parth titles, and the adverts have really accomodated for every and all audiences. The 60% attach rate of Mario Odyssey in the US, and 55% attach rates of both Breath of the Wild and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe are clear evidence that the games are the primary driving force here, complemented by the concept and promotion. 

This success will also be integral to developers, including those within Nintendo themselves. They now understand what they must achieve in order to be successful with this console, so it is simply a case of replicating that this year with other titles of similar quality and ensuring that they sustain a schedule. This could be the deciding factor to third party developers that still haven’t taken the chance, one being Activision. A sales figure so tempting surely can’t go amiss here, not when money is to be made and business exists. If the player base continues to grow and develop at this pace, it is likely that we will see even more games arriving and more production funds being spent on specifically tailoring content for the hybrid system. It may take some time to be fully realised, but it’s definitely a stepping stone.

We shall have to wait for the coming months to truly understand the intentions of Nintendo for 2018, but these sales figures reiterate that this system was an unexpected success in every sense. Either way, what a fantastic start to the year for Nintendo!


Nintendo Switch Sales Explode in Japan 

It was an inevitable turn of events. Nintendo was gearing up for a moment like this, and the launch of Splatoon 2 and their boost of stock allocation within Japan for the week proved a particularly effective strategy in gaining a large amount of players in a very short amount of time. This week was always going to be a huge selling point for the Switch in Japan; the idea of the inky shooter really has everyone eager to get their hands on the system. So, let’s get down to the figures.

The Nintendo Switch sold approximately 98,000 in this week alone – a significantly large improvement over the previous figures of around 30,000. It is a clear indicator that Nintendo had been attempting to provide a much more substantial allocation of stock for this particular week in preparation for the release of such a strong system seller like Splatoon 2 has proven to be. The question of whether this is a sign of Nintendo’s improving stock situation or an anomaly that only happened this week really remains a mystery, although it definitely gives fans a little bit of hope to latch onto that maybe – just maybe – there are more systems ready and waiting to go. If Nintendo have the stock ready, they could quite easily sell 70,000 each week in Japan alone. Either way, it’s going to be an incredibly interesting topic of discussion next week when the figures are released for the following week’s sales, where the question will finally be resolved.

On top of all this, there’s even more positive news. Splatoon 2 sold approximately 640,000 physical copies in Japan on the first weekend of sales, a significant increase from the original’s approximate 150,000 on launch weekend. Don’t be surprised if this game reaches six to eight million units sold in the Switch’s life cycle, as these figures truly show just how much demand there is for it. Hopefully these statistics will give Nintendo a further incentive to renew their confidence in the series and make a third entry a few years later. 

Nintendo have another heavily influential franchise in their arsenal now and the sales numbers for this week show that the Japanese market truly adores it. Now the only concern remaining is the allocation of stock on the market and whether Nintendo can deliver the systems to meet the extremely high demand. With these sales, absolutely anything is possible.